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Audra McMahon

Startup Branding Portfolio Audra McMahon SiteBrand Position: Guiding Divorced Women Home
Audra McMahon is a highly motivated and organized mortgage banker with a long rolodex of happy clients. As with any ambitious professional, Audra wanted to increase her customer base and her closing rate.


The problem with increasing a customer base and closing rate in any industry (including mortgage banking) is that the messages and competitors are completely homogenous. In fact, the competition in Audra’s industry was so similar in every way that we decided that the best way to differentiate her in the marketplace was to take her out of the industry completely. We accomplished this by changing her focus, her goals and the conversation she was having with potential clients. After accessing Audra’s skill set, passions, etc. we determined that she needed to be in the business of educating women facing or currently experiencing divorce. This new position allowed her to follow one of her passions while closing mortgage loans at the same time.


The result? Audra’s business has grown so quickly that the mortgage bank she was with could not keep up with the deals she was closing and she was scouted by a mortgage bank in St. Louis who opened a location in Kansas City just based on her business. Audra has started a center for educating divorcing women on their finances continues to grow her practice at a shocking rate.