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CapEx Roofing

Startup Branding Portfolio: CapEx Site
Brand Position: The Leader in Multi-Family Roofing.


Owner Jason Berry knows the multi-family housing segment of the roofing industry is being under-served by companies who lack the sophistication required to competently complete a large scale multi-family roofing project.


Startup Branding and the CapEx team went through an arduous process of researching the target market and the three different levels of decision making in order to develop a typified profile for each level of authority and create messaging appropriate for each. This included coming up with a name that makes sense for the industry and also the target market; CapEx Roofing, a name most don’t understand but is short for Capital Expenditures, the nomenclature used in the industry.


For CapEx’s website we simply highlighted the three areas of importance for multi-family roofing: The capital expenditures process, storm response and tenant awareness. We then created a projects section that shows off aerial photos of CapEx’s completed projects and the number of units associated with each.