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Inspector Nick

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One of the first things we noticed about Nick is that he is a natural teacher. When he performs an inspection he walks through the home with the owner and explains in detail everything from existing problems and how to solve them to how to maintain major appliances. It is truly a unique and educating experience.


It quickly became clear that Nick’s unique service would be ideal for the first-time home buyer. First-time home buyers rarely have any experience with major home appliances, how to maintain them or what to look for when preventing problems down the road.

As another competitive advantage to Nick’s company, we created a customized scheduling system like no other in his industry that allows full automation of inspection purchasing and scheduling.


This element gives Nick a competitive advantage over his competition by allowing him to eliminate the initial client contact phase and automatically update his calendar with an inspection.


Inspector Nick continues to grow steadily and he is now bringing on additional inspectors, a rarity in his industry, to keep up with his growing client base and his client testimonials are proof positive that his brand will continue to grow.