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The Legal Center for New Families

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Tim Denker is a talented young attorney that is highly trained and excels in estate planning but was fighting the reality that the general customer base in this area is over the age of 50.  Tim wanted to create an estate planning firm that focused on a younger demographic.


The problem with creating an estate planning firm with a young demographic in mind is the industry perception is that only those entering retirement only need estate plans.  The truth is that there are several times during a lifetime where having the protections of an estate plan are crucial.  With subject matter leadership from Tim we were able to determine that once you have your first child it is really the first time it is important to have an estate plan in place so that protections for the guardianship are in place.  With this in mind we created the position that Tim should be the attorney that creates your first estate plan and we settled on the name “The Legal Center for New Families”.


Tim has been steadily growing his client base in this demographic and has now made some great advances in technology allowing this younger demographic to utilize his website to make the process easier.  He has also implemented some effective marketing and advertising campaigns including being the “Official Attorney for Hockey Moms” for the Missouri Mavericks and a hosting an annual baby photo contest.  Tim’s practice is both highly niched, and poised for high growth.