Startup Branding

ZeroPitch Roofing

Startup Branding Portfolio ZeroPitchBrand Position: Our optimized roofing process means less risk to your critical assets.


ZeroPitch Roofing is an offshoot of what was previously an exteriors company. Startup Branding and ZeroPitch analyzed their current portfolio of services as well as the current construction market and found that the company had a strength in roofing that aligned with an existing market need thus creating the potential to serve a niche. Startup Branding created a brand that served the unmet needs of commercial and industrial property owners whose buildings had both sloped and flat-roof elements.


In order to further differentiate, Startup Branding helped ZeroPitch Roofing connect with one of the world’s foremost process experts to optimize their process to achieve timely results that eliminated all unnecessary risk and error. After consultation, it became apparent that not only had optimization helped them to create a singular streamlined ¬†process for their sales and production cycles, but it had also helped them to carve out an even more specific target market whose needs required a roofer who could mitigate risk: owners of critical facilities.


Understanding their new audience and how to address their specific needs, ZeroPitch Roofing was able to gain higher margin, referral-based business because they had successfully differentiated themselves from their competitive in the eyes of their ideal customers.